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Until 2014 the World Habitat Awards were presented each year on World Habitat Day, which was organised by UN-Habitat. Each year UN-HABITAT selected a theme for the World Habitat Day celebrations, drawing attention to a particular issue relating to the importance of shelter in people’s lives.

World Habitat Day themes:

2017: Housing Policies: Affordable Homes
2016: Housing at the center
2015: Public Spaces for All
2014: Voices from Slums
2013: Urban Mobility
2012: Changing Cities, Building Opportunities
2011: Cities and Climate Change
2010: Better City, Better Life
2009: Planning our Urban Future
2008: Harmonious Cities
2007: A Safe City is a Just City
2006: Cities, Magnets of Hope
2005: The Millennium Development Goals and the City
2004: Cities – Engines of Rural Development
2003: Water and Sanitation for Cities
2002: City-to-City Cooperation
2001: Cities without Slums
2000: Women in Urban Governance
1999: Cities for All
1998: Safer Cities
1997: Future Cities
1996: Urbanization, Citizenship and Human Solidarity
1995: Our Neighbourhood
1994: Home and the Family
1993: Women and Shelter Development
1992: Shelter and Sustainable Development
1991: Shelter and the Living Environment
1990: Shelter and Urbanization
1989: Shelter, Health and the Family
1988: Shelter and Community
1987: Shelter for the Homeless
1986: Shelter is my Right